Writing a 504 plan letter

Section and the IDEA Section of the Rehabilitation Act of According to this law, parents of qualifying children have the right to develop a Section plan with their child's school.

Writing a 504 plan letter

January, 11 at 1: The differences between the two are many, but in a nutshell, the protections extended to both you and Bob under an IEP are significantly greater than under a Plan.

Section is part of the Rehabilitation Act ofwhich among other things, prohibits discrimination based on disability. Generally, The law provides for accommodations for students with disabilities, but stops far short of the protections provided under an IEP.

I am not aware of any specific format for the plan and your description of the plan and the process is reasonably typical.

If you choose to stay with writing a 504 plan letter Plan, you have certain rights, which include an impartial hearing at the district level, filing a complaint with the school district's Section Coordinator in a small district, that could be the Superintendentor filing a complaint with the regional Office of Civil Rights in the U.

Department of Education Washington, D. The IEP is much more comprehensive than the accommodations included in a typical Plan.

In addition to accommodations, the IEP requires that measurable goals and objectives, individualized for each student, be developed and documented.

writing a 504 plan letter

The IEP also documents special services to be provided, if any, such as counseling, speech therapy, physical therapy, etc. The IEP is updated regularly to assess progress toward the student's academic goals and objectives. The IEP is developed by a team, including the student's parents or guardians, who are considered essential, integral and equal members of the team.

In general, school districts would prefer not to classify a student under IDEA, because the additional supports and services required make it more costly than providing "regular" education. However, the law was created to provide full legal rights and services for students with disabilities, including a "free and appropriate public education" FAPE through the age of The bottom line is that, although they may not like it, all states and school districts have to adhere to it.

Perhaps most importantly, IDEA makes various rights available to parents of students with disabilities. In general, you can initiate a request for an evaluation of your son and request consideration for special education services.

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This request, which should be made at the district level, may initiate the process and ultimately resolve the problem. If not, the law provides for additional rights and remedies. With respect to a dispute over special education services, i. Unfortunately, the administrative procedures involved in the dispute process are complex and burdensome.

If you are unfamiliar with these procedures, as are most parents, you should consult with a special education advocate or engage a special education attorney, if the dispute proceeds that far.

Should a dispute arise, it is vitally important that you understand the applicable federal and state laws, the options available to you, the procedural safeguards provided by the law, available remedies, other agencies that can assist you, and, ultimately, how to proceed.

The best place to begin is with your State Department of Education's Division of Special Education to find out what resources are available to you at no cost. Some states make a helpline available to parents of disabled students to provide guidance and identify other resources.

It is important that you document all of your conversations, including the office you contacted, the individual's name, the date, time, and any related notes. I do hope my thoughts are helpful to you.

What is Section 504?

I wish you and Bob the best of luck navigating a most difficult and often frustrating process.Once the student's Section plan is finalized, and parent/adult student consent is received, the Coordinator shall immediately notify each of the student's teachers about the services, accommodations, and modifications, and shall insure that all services, accommodations, and modifications are provided.

The committee should review your child’s plan at least once a year. This is an opportunity to ensure the plan meets the demands of your child’s new school year. It’s important that the plan reflect your child’s current challenges and the specific supports and services he needs.

Sample Parent Letter to School Administrator Requesting a Plan Meeting! Re: [Student’s name] Dear [Principal’s name, Special Education Director’s name, Section Coordinator’s name.

RECOMMENDING A PLAN. NOTE: Letter to be sent to the parents who will then enclose a copy with a cover letter from them to the Case Manager, Special Education Director or Principal. This short publication comes from a much longer Parent’s Guide that focuses on communicating with your child’s school via letter writing. There are times when you, as a parent, may want to communicate in writing with your child’s school about some problem or concern with your child’s education or . We switched to a plan — I have copied the bullet points of our proposed plan below. The school adopted all of these points with some minor wording changes. Note that many of these points talks about the accommodation and emphasizes communication with parents.

Dec 09,  · Re: Writing a "" letter All I did was write a informal letter to the principal requesting the child study team to evaluate my child for the plan. You can also submit with your letter a request from your child's docotor but it is not necessary.

May 24,  · Ask the school to put it in writing. Write a letter to the case manager and CC the principal. Cite the law above to remind them that good grades do not disqualify a child from special education. Generally, a plan is reviewed each year and a reevaluation is done ever.

We switched to a plan — I have copied the bullet points of our proposed plan below. The school adopted all of these points with some minor wording changes.

Note that many of these points talks about the accommodation and emphasizes communication with parents.

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