World financial group business presentation

At least I think it was. Do you expect me to remember that far back? First, a little background about the company in question, World Financial Group. That blanket statement is a little unfair, but is basically true.

World financial group business presentation

These people are very real and extremely dangerous. They operate in the shadows, safely out of the light of public scrutiny.


They manage by proxy, using cut-outs to do their bidding, never allowing themselves to get their hands dirty. Politicians are used and discarded, giving the illusion that they are the ones in control.

The controllers' identities are hidden through a corporate shell game of holding companies and secret banking tax havens, in places like the Cayman Islands and Luxemburg.

A thirst for publicity and a lust for the spotlight are liabilities if you want to excel in this endeavor. Better to rule from the shadows where your identity and intentions are unknown. The people running the show are mostly driven, professional, sociopaths with no discernible traces of compassion.

Some of our best-known leaders and public figures are actually psychopaths, and what makes a psychopath most effective is their overall lack of empathy.

They simply do not have the ability to imagine or feel someone else's pain, and this frees them up to cross boundaries that the rest of us would never dream of crossing.

They can operate without limits, giving them an advantage over everyone else. They are professional liars and damn proud of it. You do not make it to the top of the food chain by being nice, honest and fair; you get there by force, deception, and influence.

world financial group business presentation

You get there through violence, if necessary. You get there through blackmail and extortion. It takes planning and funding, patience and practice, and a mastery of how to use fear to control other people. Those running the world are playing a much different game than the rest of us, and the way they see it, there are no rules.

Or at least the rules do not apply to them. Their plan is to change society in every country in a way that provides them a reason to impose a world government.

The creation of a world central bank and an electronic world currency, in conjunction with the elimination of cash, would allow them complete control to dictate financial policy around the globe. Their policies would be enforced by their world army, and a micro-chipped population would live in fear of having their electronic currency deleted if they ever crossed the world government.

Money is in their hands to destroy or create. Their aim is the ultimate control over future life on this planet, a supremacy earlier dictators and despots only ever dreamt of. William Engdahl "During the past two centuries when the peoples of the world were gradually winning their political freedom from the dynastic monarchies, the major banking families of Europe and America were actually reversing the trend by setting up new dynasties of political control through the formation of international financial combines.

These banking dynasties had learned that all governments must have sources of revenue from which to borrow in times of emergency. They had also learned that by providing such funds from their own private resources, they could make both kings and democratic leaders tremendously subservient to their will.

It financed the Louisiana Purchase. Nathan Rothschild made a huge financial bet on Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, while also funding the Duke of Wellington's peninsular campaign against Napoleon.

Both the Mexican War and the Civil War were gold mines for the family. These bankers were afraid that the United States would upset their financial domination over the world.

The voice of the Rothschilds prevailed. They own most of the world's gold and the London Gold Exchange. They are no longer content with committing atrocities in the Middle East, they are now doing it on their own soil Europedesperate to complete the plan for a one world government, world army, complete with a world central bank.

It is the headquarters for the world wide money cartel known as The Crown.

world financial group business presentation

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