The lives and times of william gates and jd rockefeller

She graduated in in the top five percent of her class. Clinton Presidential Center Rodham's mother wanted her to have an independent, professional career, [11] and her father, who was otherwise a traditionalist, felt that his daughter's abilities and opportunities should not be limited by gender. She saw evidence of electoral fraud such as voting list entries showing addresses that were empty lots against Republican candidate Richard Nixon[23] and later volunteered to campaign for Republican candidate Barry Goldwater in the U. In Clinton would write that her views concerning the American Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War were changing in her early college years.

The lives and times of william gates and jd rockefeller

They rate nations as well as private corporations. Not from the EU, where it is long overdue. It is coming from Russia and China, as so many bold and challenging initiatives of late.

The system that the most important banks of Wall Street developed after to make New York the world financial center and the dollar its reserve currency had several well-conceived facets to it. Now that same dollar system is facing an existential crisis and the power of those same oligarchs to increase their power through wars everywhere—wars financed by the savings of other nations such as Germany, or Japan or China or Russia—is threatened as never before.

By then Europe was booming with modern reconstructed industry and the USA was becoming a rustbelt. France and Germany demanded US gold bullion instead of inflated dollars, and US gold reserves were vanishing.

A corrupt rating monopoly The established New York credit agencies would play a strategic role in this post dollar system. Corruption was made endemic to the US ratings game and Washington was party to the dirty deal.

The lives and times of william gates and jd rockefeller

The New York credit rating agencies, previously primarily rating US corporate bonds, expanded into the new foreign debt markets as the largest and only established rating agencies in the new phase of dollarization and globalization of capital markets.

During the s the rating agencies played a key role in down-rating the debt of the Latin American debtor countries such as Mexico and Argentina. Their ratings determined if the debtor countries could borrow or not. With the precise timing of its downgrades they could worsen the panic because they had been suspiciously silent right up until the first sign of crisis.

Before the Asia Crisis, dollars were flooding into the Tiger economies to invest. Curiously, when it came to its own backyard, such as with rating the Texas energy giant Enron inthe largest postwar US corporate bankruptcy, the rating agencies were strangely blind.

They gave Enron best ratings right up to the last minute. They gave out the highest AAA ratings right up to the outbreak of the panic in March They did so even though signs of crisis were everywhere in what was a brazen conflict of interest, as the Wall Street mortgage bond issuers themselves, under the bizarre rules of the US rating game, paid the raters to rate them.

Notably, until the present, the Big Three US rating agencies have been virtually unregulated. Only in was even a pretense of legislation, the deceptively-named Credit Rating Agencies Reform Act ofpassed by Congress and had no visible effect deterring the rating agencies.

The reform was purely cosmetic to convince the electorate that the Wall Street-owned Congress was doing something to prevent a repeat of the crisis. That rating act created the Euro crisis. Notable is the inability of the EU to act on that and some seven years after the outbreak of the financial crisis of The EU has done nothing to defend its own sovereign interests by having an independent credit rating authority.

In April, the attempt to devise a European credit rating entity that, unlike the US model would not be financed by the governments or companies receiving the ratings, died for lack of support and due to subtle pressure from Washington by informed accounts.

Junk rating would force most international pension funds and investment institutes to dump Russian state bonds just as in the Ruble default crisis ofa crisis where US hedge fund billionaire, George Soros played a key nasty role and reportedly made a killing.

Notably, the same Soros today is shouting from the roof tops and in OpEd articles in the major financial media that EU and US and other governments must urgently come to the rescue of Ukraine and not allow a default that would hurt private Ukraine bondholders.

Market rumors are that Soros opportunistically bought a huge amount of cheap Ukrainian bonds, confident that the EU would come to the rescue.

Now the old fox shows signs of panic. Thus, Europe should help Ukraine implement reforms necessary for the country.

Alan Mulally

The EU had other fish to fry, he said. So much for the February EU rosy promises of billions in financial support to the neo-nazi coup regime they and Washington illegally installed in Kiev with their hollow offer of an EU Associate Member status.

The new agency will be based in Hong Kong. In effect, three already well-established national independent rating agencies form the new UCRG joint venture. It is a serious challenge to the New York Big Three monopoly.

It is unique among US nationally recognized statistical rating organizations NRSROs for being wholly investor-supported, not client-financed, eliminating the gross conflict of interest of the Big Three. On April 5,Egan-Jones was the first rater to downgrade the credit ranking of the United States.

The year will indeed by interesting. Soros might have to look for another job.Gates, with William Rainey Harper of Yale, Dr. Thomas W. Goodspeed of Morgan Park Theological Seminary, and others, stood for Chicago; Dr. Augustus H. Strong, of the Rochester Theological Seminary, whose son had .

The Guardian - Back to home the Rockefeller and Gates foundations have been very successful in promoting their market-based and bio-medical approaches towards global health challenges in the.

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, ) is an American politician and diplomat who served as the First Lady of the United States from to , U.S.

Senator from New York from to , 67th United States Secretary of State from to , and as the Democratic Party's nominee for President of the United States in the election.

This has been a bumper year for books related to philanthrocapitalism, including some terrific tomes on philanthropy and social entrepreneurship, as well as others focused on topics that should be of interest to anyone trying to innovate a better world. Is Bill Gates the John D.

Rockefeller Sr. of our times? By Martin Morse Wooster November 26, SHARE Twelve years ago, in a cover story for Philanthropy, I explored the issue of whether or not Bill Gates and John D. . BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.

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