The business model of apples itunes

But in true Apple fashion, invoking perhaps the pirate mantra of old, and embracing the same mindset that has them run iTunes as a near-loss leader, price-cut the iPhone a scant few months in, and offer cheap family upgrade options on their OS and iApps, it looks like Tim Cook was serious. Read on to find out just how serious he was Late April brought rumblings of carrier "discounts" in Europe.

The business model of apples itunes

Getty Images This has been a huge year for Apple, the most valuable company in the world, with the launch of three major products: If you ever want to know why Apple does what it does, look at it through this lens: This is extraordinarily clever.

Now, extend that logic out. And if you want to use one, you need an iPhone.

How Apple Makes Money? Understanding Apple Business Strategy - Revenues & Profits

The new Apple TV, which is a refresh to a product that the company had all but forgotten about, now also has the ability to run a selection of iOS apps. Better yet, if you already own an app for your iPhone, the attendant Apple TV version is also free.

It means that if you have an iPhone, the Apple TV looks better.

The business model of apples itunes

If you have an Apple TV, the iPhone looks better. The same goes for the iPad. And if you have an iPhone, you probably already also have a bunch of iPad apps. Apple wants as few reasons for people to go outside the Apple iOS world as possible. Looking forward, the Apple Car is a little more esoteric.

The business model of apples itunes

But if you look at it as Apple looking to protect the future of iOS in the automotive market, it makes a little more sense. If it succeeds, Apple would own the operating system in a car that it also owns, extending the dominance of iOS to the roads, and making an iPhone an even smarter purchase.

Apple Music is kind of an odd duck, since it has an Android version and works on the Windows version of iTunes. All of which is to say: And with each passing day, Apple makes more and more defensive moves to keep anyone from ever considering anything else.

Just remember that for this strategy to work, Apple has to keep coming out with the best versions of whatever it comes up with.

The Business Model by Danny G. Langdon & Kathleen S. Langdon on Apple Books

This story first appeared on Business Insider. Nov 23, More from Inc.App stores like Apple App Store and Google Play Store are the pillars of Apple and Google smart phone ecosystem.

Apple and Google are generating more revenues as many users get added to their smart phone ecosystem.

37 rows · iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection. We Price: Free. The Current iTunes Business ModelMovies/Televison ShowsOver 8, movies (over 2, in high definition) and over 55, television shows (, , iTunes Store Tops 10 Billion Songs Sold)Buy movies in standard or high definition – standard definition at $, high definition at $ (, , Purchasing.

These business models replace the traditional business models which are generally based on selling physical paper shows the fair understanding of Apple iTunes business model for its dominance over the current music market and tries to describe the business model with respect to ecosystem and compares iTunes with its key competitors.

With a new model for supporting and deploying Apple products in the workplace, it’s easier than ever for any business to offer employees the choice of Apple at work. The entire experience is simple, flexible, and friendly — exactly what you’d expect from Apple.

The One Question That Drives Apple's Business Model. since it has an Android version and works on the Windows version of iTunes.

But it's integrated deeply with the iPhone and iPad versions of.

What exactly is Apple's business model?