Shonette bason writing a check

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Shonette bason writing a check

Download File Like our resources? Have an idea, request or problem? Drop us a message! Following the Feeding Forward meeting we choose a skill to focus on.

We start by placing the children against the level that they are working at, but this might be changed during the course of the observations as children show their understanding, During continuous provision one adult might focus on the Objective Led Planning.

They may start with an exciting activity to entice relevant children but, rather than then calling over children, the adult will take the planning around the provision.

If a child is engaged in a worthwhile activity that is moving their learning on, then the adult will come back later or even another day. If the child is engaged but the play isn't moving their learning forward the adult will play alongside them, before introducing the skill that they want the child to develop.

Below you can find a copy of our September OLP, complete with annotations to explain our thought processes! Continuous Provision Skills Plans We use the other identified skills from the Feeding Forward meeting to introduce skills into the continuous provision.

We level the continuous provision and create challenge cards but these are mainly for the adults. The challenge cards help remind everyone working with the children of the skills that we are developing and the next steps they could push the children towards. We don't create a challenge for each area, as this would be unmanageable, but instead aim to create challenges in areas of the provision that the children have gaps in or perhaps have shown an interest in.

Below is a completed plan. Continuous provision.Posts about Shonette Bason Wood written by onyxclass.

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Since Christmas we’ve been going to the Dough Disco every day. Dough Disco is a fun way to help strengthen our fingers and hands and get them ready for writing. Grammar and spelling ideas to wake up writing I recently delivered some SPaG training (Spelling, punctuation and grammar) for both NQTs and experienced staff, which was all too necessary due to the fact that in the UK the KS2 SPaG test has changed AGAIN to include far more complex objectives.

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Quite like the ideas behind this. Children can be very active & learn rhymes to support formation. Interesting to see that the initial practise prior to formation involves scrimbling/ crossing the mid-line. Mar 26,  · Spread the Happiness TV - check out our youtube channel for updated videos and more fun activities for children: At Ace Early Years we have been lucky enough to be given the freedom to explore and develop our planning over several years.

shonette bason writing a check

We have moved from formal and rigid, through to a more child-led approach. Much of our planning has been influenced by Alistair Bryce-Clegg at .

Aug 28,  · But Shonette has changed so much more in my life. She sets out to improve the well-being of both children and adults with easy life-hacks. Her positive outlook on the world resonates with me and has given me the confidence to be the person I know I am.

So raise the roof and spread the happiness for Shonette Bason-Wood!”.

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