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I cannot go any further. I am giving up around the halfway point - which is arguably very generous for a page book - because I'm just getting more and more irritated. And it starts fairly well, I'll give it that.

Pilgrim show

It seems that the "Purpose Driven Life" movement while it has blessed many also has its dark side. This time it is Evangelicals who are being drawn into Ecumenism and a movement that amounts to "church unity through compromise". Our Greco-Roman religious philosophies and mind-games know no bounds.

The present fad, continuing the "P" tradition is the so called Purpose Driven Life. Man-centered religious humanism based upon Helenistic Greek logic is again being sold to the church masses as something holy, which it is not. We Pilgrim show getting reports that the Purpose Driven Life movement is going into churches and expelling church members who uphold Biblical faith, Pilgrim show doctrine, and the Way of the cross.

In his book the leader of the movement is actively and purposefully shooing Christians away from the Holy Scripture as they relate to vital issues of the End Time. Once again establishment churchmen are trying to block out Biblical truth as it relates to th critical task of preparation of the saints in the latter days.

Christians will one day be going up to witness in the end time drama. To see the saints being denied God's faithful Word on the critically important matter is a travesty.

The sheep of God's pasture are not being fed the milk and meat of God's Word. Instead they are sold the usual empty pods of religious motivational hype, psychobabel and a syruppy mishmash of disinformation about the end-time. Christians are not being properly informed concerning their vital role of witness at the climax of the age.

Churchgoers are left as foolish virgins, unprepared for the coming darkness. The midnight hour will surely come.


And in the gathering darkness when the lamps are sputtering many will find themselves without the oil and at the point of burnout. A coming Great Apostasy is out there in the future. This "cloaking" and "coralling" of the Word of God by the "purpose driven movement" is a harbinger of the coming harlot religious system.

In times to come many Christians will be spiritually unprepared. In the hour of trial many will not be able to stand. They will deny the faith.

There will be a Great Falling Away. A Church that denies and witholds Biblically correct information on the returning Christ is leaving the saints ill-prepared and without a sound foundation in the true and genuine faith of our fathers. Corrie Ten Boom has warned us about this very thing.

Christians in the West still slumber on their beds of ease and luxuriate in their dreams of personal glory, self-esteem, material prosperity in this world, and a coming World Dominion by a Church Universal and Triumphant and this before Messiah returns.

True Christians are with a Biblical world view have a more sober perpective.

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They are responding to the high calling in Christ. This is a "purpose" that is far more glorious than anything ecumenical churchianity can offer. The true saints are waking up.

They are preparing themselves spiritually. They know that the hour is late! Rebuilding the Church from the Ground Up.

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Pilgrim show

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