Market segmentation of johnson johnson soap

The company has maintained its effective marketing strategy, which has made it world leading and most sophisticated company of the world. The women like to buy the products of this company, as they have great trust and satisfaction over the quality of this company. Initially, the company was dealing with the preparation of antiseptic wound treatment and it has created the first aid kit for the treatment of the wounded people.

Market segmentation of johnson johnson soap

Current Product Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo, gives parents especially mother, some benefits as the consumers when they purchase this product for their babies.

Better quality products always being look by the people Wood When the baby take a bath, they would not stop moving because the baby do not understand and just get excited to play with water. When they moving their head, the probabilities of the shampoo gets into their eyes is high.

When their eyes becomes hurts, they will cry, the mother will be panic and hard to handle the situations, especially for new mother. To prevent that kind of situations, the mother choose Johnson Baby Shampoo for their babies. It was produce in well-known and big company, so the consumer feel safe and guarantee to use this product, moreover, it also appear in attainable price.

This is to indicate and tell the mother that this is Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo no more tears which they are looking for. Singapore is a multicultural country, it has different kinds of target market which depends on their own culture and religion. It might become an opportunities for this product to have more consumers than their competitors The Strait Times, January 11, The consumers will have extra services and products from Johnson and Johnson.

They provide beautiful packages for a gift to new baby born. The consumer type for this product is Gen Yin that range, many married woman and new mother.

They provide services for a new mother, one of them is a guide book for baby bath.

Market segmentation of johnson johnson soap

They explained it step by step to make a new mother understand easily and feel safe to take their baby for a bath. Basically, every human need shampoo as safety needs to take care their hair, because they need it, they only spent little time to decide. The consumer will not accept the substitutes products if they cannot find this product.

The reason is because the mother does not want to see their baby cry because their eyes hurts cause by the shampoo. For a mother, even if the price is expensive, or need large effort to get this product, it was no problem to purchase as long as their baby are safe and happy.

Johnson and Johnson have many products, from baby skin care, hair care, night and day cream protection, even for baby massage and more.

Johnson and Johnson are unique and different from the competitors in their features, that is, together with the mother, protect and prevent the baby from crying and make them feel safe and happy. Current Pricing Johnson and Johnson has a monopolistic competition. Intensive market situation brings direct competition with the competitors.

Market segmentation of johnson johnson soap

Sellers are likely to inflate price to get large amount of exchange, they will increased the buyers power when short supply happen and in high demand, or during stable economic Ferrel and Hartline, The current price is about the same as the competitor, it makes direct competition with its competitors in the same target market.

Consumer decides to buy these products are based on, first, locations, product quality, product price, and product features The Strait Times, December 16, The consumer trust the quality of the product, Johnson and Johnson also provides good features to the product, it also a well-known products with attainable prices.

Company set the price includes the cost of making the goods and services. Several companies might set high price for their products because the company wants to create an image of a high quality products.

By this announcement, they do no need to create high image quality product. Moreover, Johnson and Johnson is eco-friendly product. It also lead to lower supply of energy consumption, so it will decrease the production costs.

This is the reason why they set normal price for their pricing strategy. Current Distribution There are lot of place where the consumers can buy this product.

Singaporean citizens were live dispersely, many big and small malls were build in here, in every locations. The reason for this is to make the citizens easier to go buy and fulfilled their needs as mainly people in Singapore use public transportation or go by walk.

Shops, for example, baby shops or online shops, and license shops, like Watsons and Guardian The Strait Times, December 16, The consumer cannot buy the products directly from the factory, the consumer have to purchase it in the market, the factory only can sell it to the distributors.

The factory only serves selling in a large amount, the company would find it hard to sell it one by one to the customer. The selling cycle is, factory sell the products to the distributors, the distributors sell the products to the retailers, and the retailers sell it to the consumers.

The characteristics of the products are fast-moving consumer, non-durable, perishable and has expiry date.Marketing strategy of new baby soap brand 1.

Group Members Amandeep Singh Gujral Pranav Goel Sakshi Gaba Gamneesh Kaur . Marketing mix of Johnson and johnson – The 4 P’s of J&J January 4, By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Marketing mix articles In the year , a public company was established by the name of Johnson & .

Segmentation The penetration is so deep that almost every market is a potential market for them. Focus on low income level groups or Middle class income level groups.

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Market Research on Johnson Baby Lotion 1. Market Research on Johnsons Baby Lotion Johnsons Baby Lotion Johnsons Baby Lotion is a gentle cream with a mild fragrance and a fast absorption quality.

Johnsons Baby Lotion is specially designed to suit the skin types of newborns. It is mostly targeted towards mothers. Market Segmentation Of Johnson Johnson Soap. Johnson & Johnson Company Nowadays most of the babies are using the products like body lotion and shampoos are from this company, Johnson & Johnson.

This brand’s products are already well known since May 03,  · Ch. 8 - Segmenting and Targeting Markets Johnson and Johnson, as we all know its a human care for the world. JnJ's market segmentation has become a total complete market Johnson and Johnson.

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