Influence of head teachers general and

Career Pathways for Teachers Independent Panel: The methodology used was multiple case studies, with five contexts being purposefully selected that speak particularly to the question under investigation. The methods employed consisted in online database search, exploration of key websites and following up iteratively references.

Influence of head teachers general and

November 19, Author: This comes in different forms including influencing their academic performances and positions such as class or school prefects, monitors and others. This is fast becoming the tradition and it is a dangerous trend.

There are cases where parents bribe teachers to give their children good grades and positions. Some school proprietors connive with parents and teachers to make special arrangement for their children to write examinations with the assistance of outsiders to enable them Influence of head teachers general and well.

This is the common trend these days. Meanwhile, being a nerd is not a basis of becoming a leader, but it could be a plus where the other essential factors are present. At the commencement of every academic session, every school appoints a head boy and a head girl to lead the students.

We need a revolution, not an evolution, in American public education.

The aim is to choose pupils and students who exemplify the mission and vision statement of the school. To be selected, appointed or elected, the head boy or girl must have contributed to different aspects of school life, be seen to be reliable and helpful and should be good in their academics.

They should show that they are successful learners, confident individuals and responsible students with a sense of pride in whatever they do. As good ambassadors, they uphold the school rules and learning charter and help to ensure that other students do the same by representing the schools well in and around the community.

Also, as part of their responsibilities and privileges, they act as good example and role models to other students through their attitude, cleanliness of their uniforms, punctuality, attendance and general conduct. The days when students were given the responsibilities of a head boy or girl based on academic performance are gone.

In some schools, the students or the head teacher may elect a head boy or girl from among the pupils and students. In most schools today, particularly the private ones, selection of head boy or girl have taken a new dimension, as the processes now look like a typical election in the national scene.

As it obtains in the tertiary institutions, every nooks and crannies of the universities and their immediate community are usually awash with campaign posters, banners, billboards, as well as leaflets bearing aspirants photographs and campaign slogans. For some parents, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the new development, as they argue that the development would help instill the spirit of healthy competition, the idea of losing or winning in a contest, how to be magnanimous in victory and how to be good losers.

Speaking on the issue, a parent, Dr. Jaiyeoba Folusho Ilesanmi, who is also a psychologist and senior lecturer in the department of Public Administration and Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, Lagos State University, Ojo, there is nothing wrong with the development.

Influence of head teachers general and

It helps to model the students and open up their minds to what the larger society does. During our time, it was the school management-the principal and the teachers-that select the head boy and or head girl.

Jaiyeoba further explained that the election process largely reflects what goes on in the larger society, adding that it is all about leadership training of the students and it helps to prepare them to assume leadership roles in the society in the future.

However, those against the development argued that over-zealous rich parents often use the medium to flaunt their wealth in schools by corrupting innocent children and putting pressure on other parents.

My wife is a school principal and there is a lot of modesty in how the campaigns are run. It is just a way of canvassing votes from the electorate.

However, some parents may bring in their own pattern to the process and we cannot run away from that. Jaiyeoba noted that the society is a reflection of the students just like the students are a reflection of the society.

He added that the negative aspect of the development maybe distraction to the student in their academic work.

Influence of head teachers general and

He, however, stressed that if a student is good, he is good and may not necessarily be affected by his participation in other activities.

We need to localise the democratic culture, we need to start from the primary school level all the way up. Francisca Becon, also said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the development, saying that she wished the trend could be replicated in all schools right from the primary level.

She stressed that the development will instill healthy competition, winning or losing, how to be magnanimous in victory and how to be a good loser. We even had a manifesto night. The school is even a public school.teachers and learners to work enthusiastically toward realization of school objectives (educational objectives).

Leadership style and job satisfaction seem to go hand in hand with fulfilling their roles and functions towards teachers’ job satisfaction, head teachers adopt various leadership styles or they exhibit various behavior patterns.

In spite of, or perhaps in part due to unions’ presence in the political arena, many recent reform efforts intended to improve the quality of teaching in American public schools have targeted the influence of teachers’ unions at both state and local levels of decision-making.

Also, 77% of teachers have at least one type of banking product or investment, compared with 58% of the general population.

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94% carry some sort of basic health, hospital, and/or life insurance in comparison with 84% of the overall population.

i influence of head teachers’ roles on pupils’ academic achievement in public primary schools in mathioya sub-county, murang’a county kenya kiragu samuel ndirangu e55/ce//11 a research project submitted to the department of. Promotion to Principal Teacher positions attracts a salary of between £34, and £44,; Deputy Head, and Head teachers earn from £40, to £78, Teachers in Scotland can be registered members of trade unions with the main ones being the Educational Institute of Scotland and the Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association.

It was, thus, concluded that any leadership style head teachers employ that involves subordinates in decision-making or brings about change, would have a positive bearing on the kind of support.

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