How to write a comment in java

First two lines are very common, they are to read file from file system in Java, real code starts from 3rd line.

How to write a comment in java

Using the Right Comment in Java Java provides three types of comments: It starts with two forward slashes and continues to the end of the line. You start this type of comment with a forward slash followed by an asterisk, and end it with an asterisk followed by a forward slash.

The start and end delimiters for this type of comment may be on the same line, or they can be on different lines. For example Figure 2: Something like Figure 3: You can nest single-line comments within multi-line comments: These begin with a forward slash followed by two asterisks, and end with an asterisk followed by a forward slash.

how to write a comment in java

The documentation generator, javadoc, will add all text inside a documentation comment to an HTML paragraph. This means that any text inside a documentation comment will be formatted into a paragraph; spacing and line breaks are ignored.

Using the Right Comment in Java - Scott Stanchfield

If you want special formatting, you must include HTML tags inside your documentation comment. If a documentation comment begins with more than two asterisks, javadoc assumes this is just used to create a "box" around the comment in the source code and ignores the extra asterisks.

Be aware that this is treated as a documentation comment even if that's not what you had intendedand could show up in the generated documentation. This allows someone to run javadoc against the code and generate a simple document that lists the public entities and a brief description of each.

You may also use documentation comments in front on non-public methods, and use a javadoc option to generate documentation for them. Using documentation comments on non-public entities is not as important as publics the interface isn't exposed My simple advice on commenting is that whenever you want to write a normal comment not a documentation comment that describes and class, interface, method or variable use a single line comment.

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Because you can easily use multi-line comments to "comment out" a section of your code! Take as an example: It's much easier if the original code were: Only use multi-line comments to comment out sections of code.

Never use them for any other purpose! Contact me at scott javadude.Writing Comments in Java: Comments are the statements which are never executed (i.e. non-executable statements). Comments are often used to add notes between source code so that it becomes easy to understand & explain the function or operation of the corresponding part of source code.

If you already have the content you want to write to the file (and not generated on the fly), the addition in Java 7 as part of native I/O provides the simplest and most efficient way to achieve your goals.. Basically creating and writing to a file is one line only, moreover one simple method call!.

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The following example creates and writes to 6 different files to showcase. Java comments are notes in a Java code file that are ignored by the compiler and runtime engine. They are used to annotate the code in order to clarify its design and purpose. You can add an unlimited number of comments to a Java file, but there are some "best practices" to follow when using comments.

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I want my Java application to write HTML code in a file. Right now, I am hard coding HTML tags using monstermanfilm.comedWriter class. For Example: BufferedWriter bw = new BufferedWriter(new FileWrite.

how to write a comment in java

By convention, in Java, documentation comments are set inside the comment delimiters /** */ with one comment per class, interface, or member. The comment should appear right before the declaration of the class, interface or member and each line of the comment should begin with a " * ".

Doc comments should not be positioned inside a method or constructor definition block, because Java associates documentation comments with the first declaration after the comment.

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