Expository essay on mosquitoes

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Expository essay on mosquitoes

Mosquitoes Essay At first glance, mosquitoes do not seem to be dangerous, but, in actuality, they may expose people to a great danger since they can transmit serious diseases, such as encephalitis, which can threaten to human health and even life. In such a situation, it is extremely important to prevent such problems and spread of the infections diseases through mosquitoes.

In this respect, the ample information about the potential danger of mosquitoes is one of the major conditions of the prevention of any problems caused by these insects.

Expository essay on mosquitoes

Obviously, in the situation when the number of mosquitoes bites increases dramatically and this increase is accompanied by serious diseases and even deaths, it is vitally important to undertake measures to primarily inform the public and businessmen about the danger and clearly instruct them about the measures that can minimize the risk of catching a serious disease.

To put it more precisely, the local health department should organize the information campaign in media to convey to the public and businessmen the warning message concerning the risk of catching a serious disease because of mosquitoes bites. In fact, it is possible to use all media oriented on the mass audience, including television, print media, Internet, and others.

Expository essay on mosquitoes

For instance, the local health department should inform the public and businessmen about elementary measures of the prevention of the spread of mosquitoes, such as: Furthermore, it is necessary to organize special conferences for businessmen working with the mass public in the area in order to provide them with the essential information about mosquitoes and effective ways of prevention of the spread of diseases.

The businessmen can, in their turn, inform their customers saving time and costs of the health department, which should also develop the basic recommendations to businessmen concerning the prevention of the spread of disease through mosquitoes bites.

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This means that the businessmen should create safe environment for their customers following the recommendations of the local health department. At the same time, the assistance of state institutions will be quite useful.

In such a way, the problem of mosquitoes and the spread of diseases may be minimized through increasing safety measures and informing people about the potential danger.

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