Business plan writing course toronto

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Business plan writing course toronto

How can Mindfulness help? A Presentation by Kirstin Bindseil Tuesday June 19th, Only recently have people begun to explore how healthcare professionals experience burn out and trauma in their work.

All of us who provide care are vulnerable and we can explore how Mindfulness can play a role in the well being for ourselves and those with whom we serve. Business plan writing course toronto will present a look at the role of healthcare professionals and what we can learn personally and professionally.

She has been engaged in various innovative projects related to Mindfulness Meditation and has led Mindfulness groups for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Smoking, Older persons and Addictions. Research shows that mindfulness training for educators has both personal and professional benefits.

Students who are taught by teachers who act with compassion and self-compassion are more likely to cultivate this capacity in their relationship with themselves and with others.

Positive psychology demonstrates that we can improve happiness by changing how we focus on the world. Mindfulness gives us a chance to choose to respond to what is happening in the moment more calmly, empathically, compassionately, effectively, and more in keeping with our values, rather than reacting unconsciously, automatically, judgmentally and while being driven by our emotional state.

The more mindful we become, the more we broaden and build our inner resources that help us strengthen our resilience the ability to shift our perceptions, change our responses, and act with compassion, curiousity, openness and acceptance.

Heidi Bornstein is the co-founder and executive director for Mindfulness Everyday, a Canadian registered charity that has been delivering mindfulness programs in the community sinceto students, parents, and educators.

Heidi has been teaching yoga and meditation in Toronto since and continues to support yoga, meditation, and mindfulness programs for children, youth, teens, and adults. April Community Meeting Mindful Way Through the Creative Process, with Elaine Smookler Monday April 16th, Have you ever tried to start a project, write a speech or begin anything at all but ended up feeling helpless and paralyzed with no clue how to make it happen?

As soon as we seek to create, innovate or explore anything, we enter into a relationship with the creative process. For many of us, this can be a scary moment. One of the first things we may notice is how uncertain we feel about how to proceed, so we give up. So what does mindfulness have to do with writing a business plan, creating an event, or even taking a new direction in life or work?

Mindfulness has been defined as paying attention in a particular way. Mindful parenting is intended to enhance parental presence, improve parent child connections, reduce parental stress and reactivity.

business plan writing course toronto

Mindfulness in the parenting realm aims to improve emotional stability in parents, thereby providing them with a choice about how to navigate the unique challenges of raising a child or teen.

Mindfulness can help move us from reactive parenting to responsive parenting by teaching the skills to tolerate difficult emotions, and not get caught in unproductive worry thoughts that can arise when we are concerned for our children.

Gayle is actively involved in teaching Mindful Parenting Groups to manage stress and anxiety. Geller Tuesday February 20th, Therapeutic Presence TP and Mindful Self-Compassion are trans-theoretical mechanisms of change in relationships and the emotional heart of mindfulness when we meet suffering.

Together, self-compassion and therapeutic presence are powerful resources for clinicians, teachers, parents and individuals to strengthen therapeutic relationships, and to maintain emotional balance in the midst of challenges.

A sample of experiential practices, discussion and meditation grounded in clinical theory, research and neuroscience will be offered. With over twenty years experience weaving psychology and mindfulness, Shari co-authored the book, Therapeutic Presence: A Mindful Approach to Effective Therapy.

She has released a companion CD on cultivating presence, with guided practices using the healing power of music and the health benefits of mindfulness. Shari serves on the teaching faculty in Health Psychology at York University.

January Community Meeting Yoga for Anxiety, with Tama Soble Tuesday January 30th, At our next Community Meeting, on January 30th, Tama Soble will give everyone the opportunity to practise and discuss the role of asana, pranayama and meditation techniques for those living with anxiety.

Tama will explain the basis for each practice and how it re-awakens and re-energizes the natural relaxation response - enhancing health and bringing the body and mind back into balance. Her work is deeply influenced by her 17 years of experience with modern dance, contact improvisation and Body-Mind Centering.

Tama co-owns and teaches classes and teacher training at Esther Myers Yoga Studio. She conducts retreats in Ontario, and internationally. Tama has been teaching and writing about yoga specifically for those living with anxiety since Through the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation soon our most vulnerable youth will have access to safe, caring spaces with compassionate adults who can gently guide them into stillness.

Alison uses a trauma informed approach to practice that works to recreate critical internal, compassionate bonds. October Community Meeting Mindfulness in the Workplace: The benefits and downside of Mindfulness at work, with Ellen Choi Thursday October 19th, While there is a growing body of research that has shown mindfulness has salutary effects on emotions, performance, and well-being, there have been calls for more research that examines the dark side of mindfulness.

This presentation will review two studies: The implications of these findings will be discussed.

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Ellen Choi has been researching the effects of mindfulness on workplace outcomes since as a doctoral student at the Ivey School of Business.March Community Meeting Mindful Parenting, with Gayle Saifert Monday March 26th, This psycho-educational, and practice-oriented presentation is designed to offer an introduction to the principles and practices of mindful parenting.

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