Bolshevik revolution

The Shabbatean Frankists Shabbetai Zevi A new order would be formed within Freemasonry, a secret society within a secret society, founded by members of a Jewish family, the Rothschilds, who were affiliated with a development of Lurianic Kabbalah headed by false messiah known as Shabbetai Zevi.

Bolshevik revolution

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I am not given to errant causes In tsarist times Aschberg was the Morgan agent in Russia Bolshevik revolution negotiator for Russian loans in the United States; during Aschberg was financial intermediary for the revolutionaries; and after the revolution Aschberg became head of Ruskombank, the first Soviet international bank, while Max May, a vice president of the Morgan-controlled Guaranty Trust, became director and chief Bolshevik revolution the Ruskom-bank foreign department.

We have presented documentary evidence of a continuing working relationship between the Guaranty Trust Company and the Bolsheviks. The directors of Guaranty Trust in are listed in Appendix 1. Moreover, there is evidence of transfers of funds from Wall Street bankers to international revolutionary activities.

Another example is John Reed, the American member of the Third International executive committee who was financed and supported by Eugene Boissevain, a private New York banker, and who was employed by Harry Payne Whitney's Metropolitan magazine.

Whitney was at that time a director of Guaranty Trust. In tracing Trotsky's funding in the U. And though we do not know the precise German sources of Trotsky's funds, we do know that Von Pavenstedt, the chief German espionage paymaster in the U.

Amsinck was owned by the ever-present American International Corporation — also controlled by the J. Further, Wall Street firms including Guaranty Trust were involved with Carranza's and Villa's wartime revolutionary activities in Mexico.

We also identified documentary evidence concerning. Hill, New York attorney negotiating with Sun Yat-sen in behalf of this syndicate, was a director of three Westinghouse subsidiaries, and we have found that Charles R. Crane of Westinghouse in Russia was involved in the Russian Revolution.

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Quite apart from finance, we identified other, and possibly more significant, evidence of Wall Street involvement in the Bolshevik cause. Thompson, who publicly proffered partisan support to the Bolsheviks.

British War Cabinet papers now available record that British policy was diverted towards the Lenin-Trotsky regime by the personal intervention of Thompson with Lloyd George in December John Reed not only was financed from Wall Street, but had consistent support for his activities, even to the extent of intervention with the State Department from William Franklin Sands, executive secretary of American International Corporation.

In the sedition case of Robert Minor there are strong indications and some circumstantial evidence that Colonel Edward House intervened to have Minor released.

The significance of the Minor case is that William B. Thompson's program for Bolshevik revolution in Germany was the very program Minor was implementing when arrested in Germany.

In Gumberg was the representative of a U. This activity in behalf of the Bolsheviks originated in large part from a single address: The evidence for this observation is outlined but no conclusive reason is given for the unusual concentration of activity at a single address, except to state that it appears to be the foreign counterpart of Carroll Quigley's claim that J.

Morgan infiltrated the domestic left. Morgan also infiltrated the international left. The vehicle for this pro-Bolshevik activity was American International Corporation — at Broadway.


AIC views on the Bolshevik regime were requested by Secretary of State Robert Lansing only a few weeks after the revolution began, and Sands, executive secretary of AIC, could barely restrain his enthusiasm for the Bolshevik cause.

Hill of this firm was the negotiator in the Sun Yat-sen dealings. John MacGregor Grant Co. The Guggenheims and the executive heart of General Electric also interested in American International were at Broadway. We find it therefore hardly surprising that the Bankers Club was also at Broadway, on the top floor the thirty-fourth.

It is significant that support for the Bolsheviks did not cease with consolidation of the revolution; therefore, this support cannot be wholly explained in terms of the war with Germany. The American-Russian syndicate formed in to obtain concessions in Russia was backed by the White, Guggenheim, and Sinclair interests.

Directors of companies controlled by these three financiers included Thomas W. This strongly suggests that the syndicate was formed to cash in on earlier support for the Bolshevik cause in the revolutionary period.

The first really concrete signal that previous political and financial support was paying off came in when the Soviets formed their first international bank, Ruskombank.

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Russia was then — and is today — the largest untapped market in the world. Moreover, Russia, then and now, constituted the greatest potential competitive threat to American industrial and financial supremacy.

Bolshevik revolution

A glance at a world map is sufficient to spotlight the geographical difference between the vast land mass of Russia and the smaller United States.The Bolshevik Revolution is the October Revolution in Russia. In there were two revolutions. The first was the February Revolution in which Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown and a Provisional Government was put up in place of the Tsarist government.

The Russian Revolution was a pair of revolutions in Russia in which dismantled the Tsarist autocracy and led to the rise of the Soviet Russian Empire collapsed with the abdication of Emperor Nicholas II and the old regime was replaced by a provisional government during the first revolution of February (March in the Gregorian calendar; the older Julian calendar was in use in.

Summary. By November the Provisional Government was in complete collapse. In the meantime, the Bolshevik party, helped by German money, had built up an efficient party organisation, a brilliant propaganda machine, and a powerful private army (the Red Guards).


Bolshevik revolution

As governments continue their relentless drive towards global dictatorship, emasculation of national sovereignties and wilful refusal to govern for the benefit of their own citizens, it is clear that an international cabal or Mafia exerts great influence upon the .

October Revolution, also called Bolshevik Revolution, (Oct. 24–25 [Nov.

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6–7, New Style], ), the second and last major phase of the Russian Revolution of , in which the Bolshevik Party seized power in Russia, inaugurating the Soviet regime. See Russian Revolution of The Grand Master of the Asiatic Brethren, and leading member of the Illuminati, was Prince Karl, the brother of Wilhelm I of Hessen-Kassel.

[] Both were the sons of Frederick II of Hessen-Kassel, from his wife, Mary of Hanover, Princess of Great Britain, daughter of George II King of England, and therefore cousin to Frederick II the Great of Prussia.

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