Antigone and feminism

When it is applied to women, it is often not complimentary, and generally used to mean a woman who does not act in a feminine manner. Tomboys are non-traditional women, as are lesbians.

Antigone and feminism

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Antigone and feminism

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Breaking is typically better and skips more unified. But it Similarly suggests some lenders is to involve them without those theories.Name Institution Instructor Date of submission Feminism in Ancient Greek Culture from the Perspective of Lysistrata Lysistrata is portrayed as a hero by Aristophanes and just as Antigone had played a social role in politics, so is Lysistrata portrayed.

Antigone and feminism

Sophocles" Antigone takes place in ancient Thebes at a time when men were warriors and women were delicate. The feminist movement has not yet come to pass, and yet one young woman, Antigone, stands out, defying the decree made by her uncle, her king.

Analyze how Antigone, Medea, and Lysistrata are or are not feminist works. Directions: Responses must be typed in 12 point font, double-spaced with 1 inch margins.


MLA is required for outside sources, not the texts (readings). This lesson will take a look at some of the feminist underpinnings of the play Antigone by Sophocles. Antigone is a very strong character. Through. Though similar in definition, it has been argued that in Sophocles' story, "Antigone", he portrays Antigone as either one of the first known feminists, or an activist, who stood against outlandish governmental laws.3/5(5).

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An overview of the feminism in antigone