Analysis bart simpson horney s psychoanalytic social theory

The negatives are that Homer strangles Bart if Bart does something wrong, and Bart is always in trouble at school, Do you agree or disagree? Long running animated comedy The Simpsons is known for making its audience laugh at the outrageous antics of its larger than life characters. However, The Simpsons does more than just make us laugh.

Analysis bart simpson horney s psychoanalytic social theory

Hire Writer Also because it is an animation, it can be more unrealistic therefore use more hyperbole. The main difference in storylines is that Simpsons is not afraid to talk about controversial topics and make fun out of politics.

It has different functions; one of the main functions is to clearly establish the setting and the main character The Simpsons family. They are introduced visually; we see Homer work in the power plant and leaving as soon as the whistle blows; Marge doing the shopping; Bart writing up lines and Lisa playing a saxophone solo.

We learn a lot from this opening sequence such as that Homer is not passionate about his work or maybe lazy; Marge is the traditional housewife looking after Maggie; Bart is not the perfect child like Beaver and Lisa is a rebel and more intelligent then most students.

It also shows that the TV is the centre of their family life as they mostly gather around it.

Analysis bart simpson horney s psychoanalytic social theory

It also involves the audience straight away from the start with the three things that changes: The opening sequence shows that this is not like other conventional sitcoms; as we see everyone is not perfect, and the nuclear power plant which would be frowned upon by most people. As most people, after the Chernobyl nuclear incident, would not like to be near a power plant.

Humour is a main feature of The Simpsons; therefore the writers include a lot of comic devices, such as hyperbole and puns, to make the audiences laugh. One type of comic devices used is hyperbole and this is when there is an exaggeration of a situation such example is when Homer throws away uranium tubes on the floor.

The Simpsons make the uses of being an animation because it can perform bigger exaggeration then normal sitcoms. It also uses language devices such as sarcasm and a common example is when Homer meets Patty and Selma, Homer pretends to be happy.

The storyline in the Simpsons can be so unrealistic, it is almost a farce but this is what makes it humorous. The writers of the Simpsons use a lot of wordplay such as puns; they also make their storyline unique. The main feature of animation contributes to the success of the show; because they are animated then can do almost any storyline possible.

All these different devices works together to make the show the funniest show ever. The range of the storylines ensures that it can go on forever also the characters will never have to age like human actor.

Traditional sitcoms did not challenge or criticize American values or society. It condemns mud-slinging when he is telling lies about the oppositions. Homer makes unrealistic promises to the citizens of Springfield, also he has an immoral campaign but he still wins.

Inspired by the accomplishment of the marathon champion who is roughly his age, Homer decides to compete in the Springfield race.

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The next scene shows Homer preparing himself for the run at the start of the race. He is ridiculing the latest sport clothes used by professional athletics. At the end of the race, a disguised Bart sneaks ahead of the frontrunners and wins the contest.

After a bird steals his fake moustache, exposing Bart as a fraud, the crowd is incensed. A handsome blond stranger in a fancy car pulls up and offers Bart a chance to escape. It turns out that the stranger is a music producer named L.

My dream has always been to be a rock star. How many lives must you ruin? We learn that Homer is the subversion of the perfect father because he just wants to get rid of Bart as quick as he can. At Classified Records, Bart meets the rest of the band. Bart facetiously but accurately predicts that the last member of the band, which is to be called Party Posse, is Ralph.This makes the Simpsons more realistic then traditional sitcoms were therefore audience got more involved with the family The Simpson’s trademark when compared to others sitcoms is it opening sequence; there is no other like it.

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Psychoanalytic Social Theory – Karen Horney Psychoanalytic Social Theory is built on the assumption that social and cultural conditions, especially childhood experiences, are largely responsible for shaping. Analysis Of Bart Simpson: Horney's Psychoanalytic Social Theory of the neurotic perception of his own "exalted faculties." Bart's relationship with his father, following Horneyian Psychoanalytic Social Theory, would greatly impact his .

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