An analysis of combinatorial synthesis being used in drug industry today

Combinatorial chemistry - HTS and its applications in drug discovery from hafilamanaf Combinatorial Chemistry in Drug Design Combinatorial chemistry is somewhat hard to define. These techniques are now largely automated, but do not necessarily have to be. The collection of compounds made in this way is generally known as a library. This branch of chemistry is very young, but in this short time it has had profound effects.

An analysis of combinatorial synthesis being used in drug industry today

Compared with conventional one-molecule-at-a-time discovery strategies, many researchers see combinatorial chemistry as a better way to discover new drugs, catalysts, and materials. And many new companies have sprung up in an effort to reduce combinatorial chemistry to practice.

An analysis of combinatorial synthesis being used in drug industry today

Whereas 10 years ago a good medicinal chemist might make 50 to compounds a year, that same chemist is probably expected to make in the thousands or tens of thousands today. Myers, chief scientific officer of CombiChem, San Diego, agrees.

Every company now has some aspect of this in-house.

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The topics discussed there were wide-ranging: At the meetings, Houghten pointed out that the origins of combinatorial chemistry can be traced back at least as far aswhen biochemistry professor R. But the field in its modern dimensions only began to take shape in the s, when research scientist H.

Although peptide and oligonucleotide libraries are still very much of interest, the combinatorial field has gravitated toward libraries of druglike small organic molecules.

In the early s, the groups of chemistry professor Jonathan A. From the responses, "combichem" clearly is more than just the latest hot trend. Eli Lilly has a combinatorial drug in development, and many other companies have compounds in Phase I clinical trials, based on lead optimization using library synthesis.

While the record is good, the cost per drug is historically high. A few years ago, this was not so clear.

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Webb constructed one of the earliest libraries of small organic molecules by solid-phase parallel synthesis and found the thrombin inhibitor in that library.

The inhibitor entered clinical trials, but few are aware that it was identified combinatorially.

An analysis of combinatorial synthesis being used in drug industry today

Journals One indication of the vibrancy and staying power of a field is its coverage by specialized scientific journals, and the number of such publications in the combinatorial chemistry field is on a decided upswing.

Molecular Diversity, which has six founding coeditors and is put out by Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, the Netherlands, is the pioneer combinatorial journal, having covered the field since It publishes basic and applied papers dealing with combinatorial chemistry, screening of library compounds against various targets, and applications.

But three additional journals are about to make their debuts. It will cover a range of topics in combinatorial chemistry including small-molecule, peptide, nucleic acid, and phage-display libraries and high-throughput screening.

DNA Synthesis in as Fast as 2 Days FBLD Ten years ago, Vicki Nienaber Zenobia enlisted a small group of fellow enthusiasts to help her organize an independent fragment-based lead discovery conference in San Diego.

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Advanced options. Topic Area. A further application of automation in combinatorial chemistry is in the analysis of so-called encoded combinatorial libraries, such as those being used to identify aspartyl protease inhibitors at Pharmacopeia, where potential leads have emerged from libraries of about 32 compounds.

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